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Google will become t.he alphabet

Google will become part of a new company Page and Brin
google alphabet announcement
Google is creating a new parent company Alphabet, designed to combine all of the projects into a single structure. To head the new corporation, Larry Page and Sergey Brin will be engaged in innovative developments, and Google will control the current head of the company's projects - Sundar Pichai.

Google Inc. is changing the operating structure and creates a new parent company Alphabet Inc. This was stated in the official blog of an hour after the close of trading in New York on Tuesday night, Moscow time.

Alphabet will include not only Google, but the lab and pilot projects Google X, a venture fund Google Ventures, the company's research WIng and Calico, and even a number of companies and startups, previously owned by Google.

Bloggers have already noticed that the total number of Google products is so high that one almost entirely possible to make the English alphabet.

Large-scale transformation of the touch and the company's management. Alphabet will lead the co-founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and Google will become the new leader Sundar Pichai, who previously held the position of Product Director.

After the reorganization of the management structure in autumn 2014 Google Pichai already manages search products, maps, social network Google+, operating system Android, the browser Chrome, Google Apps app store and all advertising products.

Larry Page said recently Pichai has grown professionally and is ready to take up a new post.
"I was very lucky that such a talented person will drive a little grown thin Google, as for me, this frees up time to increase the scale of our ambitions," - said Paige.

Congratulate new CEO has already chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt.

By "losing weight» Google Paige means that Google will remain the responsibility of search advertising business, maps, Google Play Store, YouTube and Android. At the same time he and Sergey Brin will devote more time to the pilot projects.

To help them in the Alphabet will be Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat, who previously held a similar post at Google. Who joined the company in the spring at Morgan Stanley Porat Bloomberg has repeatedly called "the most powerful woman on Wall Street."

As explained in the official handling himself Page, Google has never been a traditional company, and often engaged in the development of technologies in areas that are far from the most important to the company's search business. The new structure will enable Alphabet engaged in the development of innovative products without compromising the core business Google.

With this guide the new company does not intend to use the Alphabet as a market brand for the promotion of new and existing products. Each company within the holding company, will develop independently and under its own brand.

Paige also explained that means the name of the new company on the one hand, a collection of letters that make up the language of one of the greatest achievements of mankind; with the processing of language and writing is the basis of the search engine Google. Also, the company name is a kind of pun, since the term Alpha-beta slang startups is the desire to get higher returns from venture capital investments.

According to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Google shares will be included in the holding's shares Alphabet. On the back of this news the price of Google shares rose more than 4%.

Do not stay aside and Internet users, thanked Google for interesting post-employment on Monday.

Games on the big screen.

pc games on big screen tv
As the game industry provides stories for movies

Xbox head Phil Spencer has recently announced that the game industry will increasingly provide new subjects for films and TV series. "Times" has decided to recall the most significant examples of the film adaptation of the video game.

The reason for saying Spencer was the release of the shooter «Quantum Break» from the developer of the cult game series Max Payne. Along with the game will be launched and the eponymous TV show, the plot of which is intertwined with the history of video games.

This method of integration of video and TV content will be perhaps the first in history. However, despite the relative youth of the gaming industry, its place in the movie business, it took quite a long time.
The first history of the video game on which the film was shot a full, steel and already popular adventures of brothers Mario - Mario and low chubby lanky skinny Luigi. But despite the popularity of the video game, the film at the box office failed miserably: with a budget of $ 48 million, the creators managed to earn just under $ 21 million. Public and critics the film was met with a negative: for example, on the website IMDb rating of "Superbratev Mario" 1993 is only 4 0 10.

Played plumber Mario Bob Hoskins subsequently admitted that he regretted the decision to play this role. "That's the worst thing I've ever done - he said in an interview. - The whole experience - a nightmare. "

But the film is about Mario - is not only a failure of the video game tape. A year later came the film "Street Fighter" in the video game «Street Fighter II» with Jean-Claude Van Damme in the title role, received devastating reviews. However, unlike "Superbratev Mario" creators on the film even earned: at the box office film earned nearly $ 100 million with a budget of $ 35 million. But the producers in this case, still looked at critics rather than financial success, and decided not to continue the series.
A director Uwe Boll and all received their negative reputation it once took pictures for several games, including Postal, Alone in the Dark and Far Cry. At some point, when the director asked at Blizzard with a proposal to make a film on the legendary game of World of Warcraft, the developers refused. "We will not sell the rights to a picture of you ... especially to you," - responded to the offer in Boll Blizzard.

Movies German director obtained so badly that even fans of games launched on the Internet on-line petition to ban him to make a film on the games.

However, there are so successful films that people have even forget about the connection of the plot of paintings with video games. For example, few people remember that the very successful series of militants "Resident Evil" with Milla Jovovich in the title role - in fact nothing more than a series of games as an adaptation of «Resident Evil». As if in contrast to the works of Boll, director and producer Paul Anderson took five film series and is currently shooting the sixth. All movie "Resident Evil" had a great success at the box office, bringing its creators double or even triple the profit.
Another similar example - Lara Croft movies. The mass audience has no idea that the stunning Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider role was preceded by the low poly model in the computer game of 1996. And now, if you are not a fan of computer games, at the mention of the name of the "Lara Croft" you represent is Jolie, not a computer character.

However, the story of the game is relatively easy to film. It is much harder to make a movie of those games where the plot is of secondary importance, such as auto racing.

However, this did not stop in 2014 to release the film with actor Aaron Paul, loosely based on the well-known series of «Need for Speed» by Electronic Arts. The result had not a movie about racing in its purest form, and the crime drama with elements of comedy, inscribed in the context of high speeds.

The movies become not only computer games. Current trends in the gaming industry have led to the fact that in 2016 will be released full-length animated film based on the most popular mobile game - «Angry Birds». It's hard to even imagine what will be the plot of the movie on a video game in which you need to shoot birds into pigs. However, among the participants of the project declared Peter Dinkleydzh who flops in movies has not been noticed yet.

The trend confirms the words of the head of Xbox: today the number of films based on video games is sufficiently large, and the world has seen adaptations of «Halo», «Prince of Persia», «Hitman» and many others. With the growing popularity of games and the increasing influence of the gaming industry such films will only bigger.

Fingerprint do not protect smartphones.

smartphones fingerprint reader
Why check fingerprints - not the best way to protect data

With the release of iPhone 5S smartphone makers began to massively deploy data protection with a fingerprint scanner. However, experts believe that this method of protection, despite the apparent reliability, actually represents a considerable danger to the user.

The issue of data protection with the help of fingerprint was raised at a conference of experts to develop safety systems Black Hat in Las Vegas. Experts from FireEye plunged the audience into shock when told that some Android-smartphone fingerprints stored in an unencrypted form.

In particular, experts have found that the apparatus HTC One Max fingerprints are in the general section of the file system in the form of an unprotected image file dbgraw.bmp. These data are also vulnerable on devices from Samsung and Huawei.

As a result, attackers with any malicious process or application can access this image in high resolution.

Hackers can also use fake lock screen for authenticating identity in the popular payment systems to intercept money transfers and embezzlement. In conclusion, the experts pointed out that many manufacturers of mobile devices based on Android are not using TrustZone technology to protect the biometric data.

Since 2019, half of all mobile devices sold will be equipped with a fingerprint reader, the attackers will be able to not only massively steal data but also add their fingerprints, thereby blocking access to the device.

At the same time, experts noted that most Android-smartphone fingerprint sensors are protected weaker than on the iPhone. Apple smartphone encrypt the fingerprint image, so even access data, hackers cannot read it without a cryptographic key.

According to anti-virus expert "Kaspersky Lab" Sergei Lozhkina if scan fingerprint stored in the phone, somehow gets to the cybercriminals, then make a duplicate of thumb is simple enough. "And, accordingly, they can get access to all devices that use your fingerprint", - the expert added.

He also noted that the phone does not matter whether you are using a real finger or a rubber clone.
Getting a fingerprint is not actually a complicated process, because we leave them literally everywhere. Moreover, there are ways to make prints and even without access to it. German hacker Yang Krissler could make a copy of thumb German Defense Minister only her photographs with the public statements made at a distance of 3 m.

Before that Krissleru managed to get a valid fingerprint scanner prints directly from iPhone 5S. To do this, he used only wood glue and graphite.

However, access to the data using the latent fingerprint, as shown by the inquisitive mind of jealous wives, can be much easier: they are simply applied to the finger scanner their husbands while they were sleeping.

As told to "" head of the department of marketing and technical support of products ESET Alex Os'kin, soon, when the data protection using fingerprints will be massive, the attackers immediately pay attention to it.

"Begins the hunt for the biometric data of users, and sooner or later they will be in the hands of criminals, if not to take special measures to protect them" - warns expert.

At the same time, according to Oskina, users themselves can hardly do something to protect their fingerprints so that they have only one option: to not use corny fingerprints as a primary authentication type.

I agree with him and Sergey Lozhkyn. You can protect yourself by using a combination of fingerprint and password, he said. "In addition, it is recommended to set a password yet more difficult. It is not too comfortable, but safe, "- said the expert.

At the same time, if we talk about the best way of using a single authentication factor protection, fingerprint still looks strong passwords, said Alexei Os'kin. "But the question is not whether a reliable way, and how dangerous it is to use fingerprint as the only factor authentication - the expert said.
At the same time Lozhkyn absolutely sure that the password is in any case more reliable way to protect data than a fingerprint.

According Oskina, large technology companies actively implement these authentication methods, as well as state organizations and experts in information security should be to develop a common policy for the further development of such mechanisms for the protection of data, and to take security standards to encrypt and store the data on biometric factors.

One solution to the potential problem of the expert calls the use of two-factor authentication, where the main key inputs acts as a password, but with it the authorization is made, and by other means: additional one-time passwords, graphical key or retinal scanner.

Children Prefer to Chat Online.

chat online Comcast
Teenagers are increasingly communicating on the Internet, but not in real life

American children do not consider forbidden to communicate with strangers online and poorly distinguish real and virtual communication. This leads to a number of social and psychological problems. In Russia, the question is is not as prevalent, but with the development of the Internet live communication can also give way to social networks.

Teenagers in the United States prefers to communicate in social networks and online games through text messages than in person. Many teenagers have reported that, having become acquainted in the games and to get together gaming experience with virtual friends, they feel them closer connection.

According to the study Pew Research,

For the younger generation of the line between real and virtual communication severely eroded, and children establish deep and meaningful for their relationship with friends both offline and online.
In Russia, the problem of erasing the boundaries between real life and virtual communication is not yet as acute. According to a sociological study conducted by the "Public Opinion" and the search engine "Sputnik" is estimated to parents, their minor children spend almost no time on the Internet to communicate (40%), and if they spend, up to two hours per day (25% ). On the contrary, to view videos and photos, listen to music and online games for more than two hours a day to spend 61% of children. In search of information on study - more than 45%. However, about 94% of parents of teenagers using the Internet believe that adults should keep track of which sites are visited by children.

However, with increasing penetration of smart phones, mobile Internet and social networks in Russia, the situation will change. American experts on family relations believe that the United States is the growth rate of online communications throws new challenges to young people and parents.
An alarming consequence of the strong interweaving online and offline lives of children becomes a complication for their normal socialization.

Despite the marked increase in the intensity of online communication, many of the young participants in the survey Pew Research Center said that they feel exhausted before a large audience in the experience of reality and pressures associated with the need to maintain their idealized image online.
In addition, American teenagers believe that they can maintain close relationships with your friends, even without meeting them in person. According to a survey in 1060 teenagers from 13 to 17 years, texting remain the most popular form of online communication between them. Only 25% of children surveyed admitted that they encountered with their peers outside of school every day.

Even the best of friends with American teenagers prefer to spend time with each other's homes to spend time together online in social networks or gaming platforms. The virtual space is becoming much more popular restaurants and shopping centers.

For boys online games have become the center of social activity: 84% of them play games on the Internet. For comparison, the girls, the figure is 59%. Boys are also more likely to make new friends online: six out of ten said they met on the Internet gaming or other mobile applications, with 40% of them have started to communicate with the exchange gaming experience.

According to a study Pew Research Center, 53% of teens say their relationship with friends closer after they play with them on the Internet.
Girls prefer to use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, to keep in touch with their friends. However, the perception of social networks among adolescents less clear. Almost nine out of ten teenagers have admitted that they faced too frank information on social networks, while 85% believe that social network users are treated and taken photos that look better than in real life.

As Facebook is Conquering the World.

facebook stock price
Mark Zuckerberg said that the number of daily Facebook users has reached 1 billion people. "Times" found out, as the largest social network in the world affects humanity.

The first truly large figure of 500 million users Facebook has been achieved in 2010, six years after the launch of the social network. Two years later, the company has doubled the total number of their users to 1 billion. However, this does not mean that they all use the network at the same time as it was about registered profiles.

Today the social network has registered about 1.5 billion people - in the last quarterly report the company said about 1.49 billion, and since then the number has increased only for certain. Anyway, for the second quarter grew by 13%.
According to Facebook, the average owner of a smartphone in the United States spends on Facebook every fifth minute of his time.

But do not forget that Facebook - is not only a social network. In addition to her company also owns the world's most popular messenger WhatsApp with 800 million users and photoappendices Instagram with 300 million users. In addition, a separate column on Facebook find and use Messenger, which grew out of personal communications service social network. The number of its users already has 700 million.

Of course, life with so many users can not affect humanity.
The most resonant project Facebook, perhaps, was a study in which unwittingly participated 600 million English-speaking users. Then the company divided the audience into two parts. One half in the news were shown only the positive positions, the other - negative, then the researchers tracked the behavior of the users. In the end, it turned out that people who show more positive publications themselves often began to write positive posts and comments. The same, but with a minus sign, the "negative" sample - in their records showed an increase in the number of negative sentiment.
Of course, such a large-scale manipulation of public opinion could not go unnoticed, and the company had to come up with excuses for their actions. But while Facebook spokesman noted that the agreement allows the user to carry out such studies.

Given the magnitude of the impact of Facebook can already be considered completely independent and not dependent on anybody Internet Company.

The company has developed its own search records and does not need help Microsoft, which previously adapted the search engine Bing to the needs of the social network. Currently Mark Zuckerberg is also working on a project called, which will expand the audience of Internet users at the expense of poor countries.

Another global project, which makes Facebook independent of other Internet companies is the development of unmanned aerial vehicles Aquila, which would literally "give away" the Internet on Earth. While we are talking only about the remote areas of the planet where to place other means of Internet connection is economically inefficient, but in the future nothing will prevent Facebook massively run drones to provide access to their social network through their own resources, without having agreements with telecom operators.

All these projects are designed to increase the share of revenue earned from sales to Facebook advertising. Given the audience of 1.5 billion users, any cosmic scale projects will pay off, because they will only increase the audience and therefore advertising revenues. For now the company only from the users of mobile applications to earn advertising about $ 2.9 billion for the quarter.

However, Facebook has gone beyond the Internet.
The company is one of the leaders in the development of virtual reality devices, since it belongs to a project created by John Carmack Oculus. Already in 2016 Facebook will release the final version in the sale of virtual reality glasses Oculus Rift, which at the time of the test version for developers superior to many existing analogues.

Given the overall connectedness of society, we will soon arrive at the conclusion that it is impossible to ignore such a major player as Facebook. At some point, almost all will necessarily use the services, which are somehow related to the Internet giant. Even if you work in one of the major competitors in the social network - Google.